Just because you have a web site, doesn’t mean the whole world will know of its existence. Most people find what they want on the web by using Search Engines, such as Google and Yahoo. The art, or even science, is to ensure your shop appears close to the top of a search (it’s ranking) when a customer searches for a product or service you sell. The platform has been optimized for search engine automated scans (Crawls) used by systems such as Google, as well as providing seamless integration into many Google services, such as maps, Web Master Tools and Analytics.


This process is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization or for short SEO. There are multiple items that go into Google’s algorithms for calculating who should go to the top of the search (ranking). They include how much traffic your site has, how relevant the information you provide is to the search being requested, how much relevant content you have on any page, how many incoming relevant links you have on your site, and how well you are registered with all of the Google tools.