Using the Web to Market Your Business

First Impressions…

  • You have 2-10 seconds to grab their attention…
  • Does your site represent your business? …in quality? look? feel?


  • Contributes to ranking and means people are looking at you…through:
  • Social Networking –Adwords –Marketing –Linking

Conversion Rate… turning visitors into customers:

  • Do’s: Good design, use of photos, short and to the point content (but at least 250 words), use of bullets, clear and concise next steps, create a call to action, easy access to contact info, phone number is in the header, use simple online forms, make constant changes and keep the site up to date, use testimonials
  • Don’ts:   No confusing verbiage, no page after page of text, don’t put up your site and forget about it. Don’t use just stock photos, don’t make your info hard to find, make it easy to navigate, don’t have long pages without bookmarks, no outdated info, keep as much info above the fold as possible and change information periodically to keep site fresh.


  • Your Marketing Message…and your brand needs a unique selling proposition, a mission statement, and a company tag line

7 questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do you have a niche…defined target market ?
  2. What is your brand…how are you perceived in the market ?
  3. Are you telling a unique story…what are you saying about yourself and your products to your customers ?
  4. Is the content on your site good…and, does it accurately reflect your product ?
  5. Are you getting good search results…how are customers finding you ?
  6. you use tried and true or new tactics to suit your goals ? i.e.: pricing, special terms, flexible hours, newsletters, articles, surveys, loyalty programs.
  7. Results…use web analytics to analyze your traffic…
  8. How will you measure customer’s response…i.e. tracking conversion rate and, or marketing cost per sale?

Conversion rate % = number of visitors who made a purchase divided by number of visitors to your landing page. Marketing cost per sales = Cost of landing page divided by number of sales you attribute to the landing page.