10 things you need to know about launching a business on the web

What is e-commerce? It is an abbreviated version of electronic commerce. Today you no longer need to go in to a shop, touch goods, converse with a sales assistant, or even negotiate a bargain. For better or worse, we can now buy most things from home. A complete e-commerce system, allows customer to purchase goods on the web from you.

How does it work? First you need to put your goods on-line, Then you need to give your customers the ability to review the products they are interested in, compare them to others, read reviews about them and ultimately gather the products they require in to a shopping cart.Next they need to pay for them. Secure On-line server technology needs to be applied to this part of the process to make sure that you and your customers do not become the victims of fraud.Finally you as the supplier need to be informed when a shipment is due to be processed and ship out your sale to the customer.The Webistree.com platform makes this easy, with local people always on hand to help and consult you through the shop set-up process.

Getting your products on the Web

Following is a quick video tutorial that discusses what is required to get a business up and running on line.

Webistree guides you through the perils of setting up an on-line business – giving your business a solid head start. If you have an existing site, or you want a new site, Webistree brings together all you require, from domain registration, to help with your online marketing strategy.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Topics discussed include:

  • What products you want to sell,
  • What type of shopping cart system you want to employ,
  • How you are going to ship products,
  • How your customers will pay for them,
  • Security can you guarantee your customers valuable credit card numbers and
  • How you want to project your on-line brand to your customers.
  • What do you want your shop to look like.

tab-ShoppingCartIt’s never been easier to add e-commerce to your site. Whether you use PayPal or Authorize.net…through our add-on WooCommerce you will have a professional, easy to use product management system. Woo-Commerce (a WordPress plugin) also has many tools available to add to make your client’s chopping exactly the experience you think they would like. From tools that make it feel like Amazon to importing your client base or products from a database, it couldn’t be easier.