Using a content management system (CMS) allows clients and developers to access their sites from one central location (no matter where they are). It allows clients to publish, edit, modify content and add navigation. It can allow a collaborative environment creating the best use of individual talents in various departments.


A web content management system is an application that is commonly known as blogsā€¦to create, manage, store and deploy content on Web pages. This web content can include text and embedded graphics, photos, video, and audio, that is displayed as content or interacts with the user. A web CMS may catalog and index content, select or assemble content at runtime, or deliver content to specific visitors in a requested way, such as other languages. You have seen this on Amazon and other sites. Site owners can control what is allowed or not and how it will be viewed by the public.

Our sites are both CMS and web content management systems utilizing the diverse and flexible technology of WordPress.