An effective web site is strategically designed to reflect the owner’s business profile while meeting marketing objectives. In doing so it should allow for a maximum amount of time to work on one’s business and a minimum amount of time to work on web related activities while allowing for owner control of web content. To achieve positive search engine results web sites need to be effectively optimized providing the business with a good ROI for dollars spent.

10 things a business owner should know…

  1. Your site needs to be visually appealing and interesting to look at, inviting the reader to explore
  2. It is beneficial if your site is easy to read, easy to navigate and designed to keep downstream expenses low
  3. To effectively market your company’s products and services your web site must reflect the site owner’s work and business profile
  4. In order to enhance search engine ranking, your site must be set up for social media (Twitter, Face Book, etc.)
  1. For Search Engine Optimization, key words and title meta-tags entered in the site must match the 250 words on the
    Home Page
  2. Other meta-tags that need to be inserted are the Google Registration and the Google Analytics Registration. Google Registration indexes your site for Google searches and Google Analytics measures the effectiveness of your site and provides reports
  3. Google Ad Words allow for paid advertising words to send readers to your site. This is accomplished according to your specified key words, how many clicks you may need and how much money you want to spend.
  4. Landing Pages are similar to Home Pages (key words, title, 250 words) but is specific subject oriented and can be found somewhere in your site. This allows search engines to have more ways to find your web site and can also be used for your key word specific ad word advertising
  5. Site Map/XML Site Map allows Google and other search engines to know what is on your site and helps with your ranking as well
  6. Your web site should be built cell phone ready so that your business can be accessed quickly by cell phone users