Why Webistree? Here Are the Advantage

  • Webistree sites are CMS (Client Managed System). We train you and/or staff/members to make your own changes, add pages, and add navigation.
  • It’s on a SQL database platform (PHP, Apache) that allows us to add features and make them available to all of our customers at no additional charge
  • The platform also allows for an easier setup so we can keep our setup cost lower
  • All of our sites have social networking built in to the site. Users of the site have the option of printing, emailing, sending to FaceBook, and 280 other options including translate with the click of a button. As the owner of the site you can get the analytics of those action
  • All of our sites are totally integrated with all of the Google Tools. Many of our customers come up 3rd on page 1 when searching generic related terms without additional paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It includes Google Analytics, maps, and meta tag insertion.
  • All of our websites are automatically cell phone‐ready
  • All sites are standard with photo albums, maps, calendar feature, and forms
  • You can have an unlimited number of email addresses