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Design International Staging

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Linda Varro
Linda Varro

The projects I selected for this web site were chosen to make a point. None of these homes, with the exception of two, are over 3000 square feet. Only one has a spectacular view. These properties (one exception) don’t have any noteworthy architectural details. Before these homes were put on the market they were not extensively remodeled…..only freshly painted and in most cases re-carpeted….just the basics.

The point is I have the talent and inventory to transform basic into special. Small San Francisco Loft or Wine Country Estate, my dedication is the same.

Twelve years ago I started with an antique shop in Mill Valley. At the time rustic pine and the “Shabby Chic” look was all the rage. A Marin County realtor suggested I stage her listing using my antiques and accessories. It was a small 2 bedroom townhouse down the street. The project was successful and soon I had built up a second source of income staging small cottages in Marin County.

This venture became so successful I decided to phase out the antique business/shabby chic look and totally focus on staging. In order to offer a range of styles, take on larger projects and expand my business, I invested in contemporary furniture, art, accessories and fine traditional pieces. I leased additional storage to house my hundreds of selections.
As time went on something started to happen. After some homeowner’s sold the properties I staged for them, they began asking me to help them pull together not only their replacement homes but, in some cases, their offices and commercial spaces as well. So I added an interior design service.

None of this happened overnight. It’s been a slow build. It’s not as glamorous as people imagine it to be. It involves a lot of hard, physical labor and long hours. But I love it. I enjoy the process of taking a property to its full potential by transforming it into something special so it can be sold quickly and at the highest price possible. My interior design projects provide the satisfaction of working with clients to create a home or office that reflects who they are and who they would like to become. DESIGNINTERNATIONALSTAGING.COM